The music of 'that' David Lyon

Here you can download MP3 versions of albums

The first album is of course, the one that shares its title with this website.

  "I Don't Get Lonely"   was recorded in 2003 or thereabouts, at Pathway Studios up the M1. Sadly, it's gone now but the legacy of bands who recorded there lives on, including a lot of the tracks on all these albums.

  "Real Now Baby"   was out in 2006, again from Pathway and is pretty much what everyone hears at a gig as it's guitar, vocal and harmonica, just done through a nice system (which doesn't always happen at some venues).

  "Harder Stuff"   out of Pathway and Purple Heart Records in 2004, with other musicians (in no particular order) Damon Butcher, Tracey Coleman, Alan Dunn, Yvonne Goyde, Louis James, John Knox,Robin McKidd, Steve McManus, Kieran O'Connor, Phil Overhead, Piers Partridge, Ciara Payne, Gary Rickard, John Ross, John Roster, Jamie Wild, Mr Terry Disley and Ms. Carla Finesilver. Oh and yours tuly of course!

The packaging for the CD was fun even if a few people went mental with all the little bits of 'stuff' crammed into the case. I guess that's what life is really, loads of bits of stuff that just falls out every time you open up. Applies equally to music of course!

More will follow as soon as we get all our stuff sorted.